Horeca – Hotel Star Georgia, is a non-profit /non-commercial legal entity, established in 2018, created according to the Civil Code of Georgia and based on membership.

Organization gained observer member status of “Hotrec – Umbrella Association of Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and similar Establishment in Europe” and “HotelStars Union” in 2018 and associated membership status in 2021, which presents us as official representative of both organizations in Georgia.

Associated membership status grants Horeca Hotel Star Georgia exclusive right to implement European standard and classification system in Georgia and classify accommodation establishments according to the harmonized classification components created by Hotel Star Union Europe.

Since 2022, The HotelStars Union created and launched subsite of Georgia on their official web-site, where list of first officially classified hotels is presented: https://www.hotelstars.eu/georgia

It is important to mention, that HOTREC EU and The HotelStars Union are both closely co-operating with content distributing and recommendation/booking platforms such as Google, TripAdvisor, GIATA and etc. Therefore, Horeca Hotel Star Georgia members, besides receiving quality sign, will enjoy with more benefits, such as:

The HotelStars Union classification is used in European leading countries not only by local brands, but also by international Franchise chain hotels, such as:

Membership: Horeca Hotel Star Georgia membership can be granted to both, local and franchise accommodation facilities under following categories:

  • Observer membership status (for both, local and franchise food and accommodation facilities)
  • Full membership status (Membership + Classification)

Price of gaining Horeca Hotel Star Georgia Membership is defined by: type of establishment and number of seats/rooms. Detailed information about membership and classification pricing can be found on the following link:  https://horeka.ge/ka/join