Since 2013 the Tempus Project LMPH N°544191 Tempus 1-2013-1-PT JPCR « Licence Masters professionnels en management des activités hôtelières pour le développement de l’industrie touristique en Géorgie, Azerbaïdjan et Moldavie » has been carried out at the Georgian Technical University, Gori State Educational University and Tbilisi International Educational University.

(creation of professional bachelor and master programmes in the sphere of Hotel Management and Tourism Development in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova). The project is going to be accomplished in May, 2017. The project partners are: The Academy of Grenoble (France), Girona University (Spain), Espinho Institute (Portugal). The project partner organizations of Georgia are: The Ministry of Education of Georgia, The Georgian Hotel, Restaurant and Café Federation - HOREKA, The Georgian Tourism National Administration, The Georgian Tourism Association. Monitoring of project elaboration is being carried out by the external expert, Ketevan Meladze – the President of the Georgian Hotels, Restaurants and café Federation. On October 16-20, 2016 workshops within the framework of the project regarding food and drinks were carried out by the guest from Greece, The MAJCH University professor Arsteidis Stamatakis.